Conforming equated to Confirming or The Mitt Romney Conundrum…


           Hello Politically Unstable Friends!

                        Today there seems to be a sense of conformity in the air. You hear it from both of the main political parties, either you vote for our party or you are in effect voting for the enemy.  Nothing could be further from the truth, or more steeped in idiocy.  Our Republican system was set up on the belief that man needed to be heard, no matter how great our small, each movement had the ability to be equally voiced and heard. When you vote you are in essence placing your heart on the table and stating exactly what is important to you, which is why this election is so volatile. 

               How many of us have heard someone say something to the effect of, “Well I don’t really agree with Mitt Romney, but at least he’s not Obama. Nothing says you have to agree with the man you vote for.”  This in effect is a true statement. No, you do not have to agree with everything a political candidate has to say. Unfortunately the way you vote,in effect, grants permission and confirms that you agree that this man is the best for the job.  When you vote you are in effect endorsing a man for the job of President and in that endorsement you are basically saying that this man stands for the things that you hold dear. 

<Enter Mitt Romney> 

                  Never before has such a liberal candidate been placed on the conservative side of the ticket. Romney has time and again trampled on the constitution while Governor of Massachusetts as well as while campaigning for the Presidency.  Willard Mitt Romney(Notice how the right constantly uses Obama’s full name but almost never uses Romney’s full name?) is anti-Gun, Pro-Abortion, and Pro-Big Government. Until the man began his campaigning for President in 07 he was an entirely different man. The self-described Republican in Name Only fought against the 2nd amendment, fought for Pro-Choice legislation, and Increased the size of Government in Massachusetts dramatically. Why is this man on the Republican ticket? It can mean only one thing. Republican no longer stands for conservative anymore.

               If you vote for Mitt Romney, then you vote against the 2nd amendment, you vote pro-choice, and you vote big government. You vote stands for your principles and if you vote for a liberal then your principles must then to be liberal.. It’s the only logical conclusion. 

               Now perhaps you are sitting there saying, I don’t like Mitt but I will support “Anybody but Obama.” You are really placing yourself in a realm of stupidity otherwise unknown to mankind. Seriously think about the statement that you are actually making.

I’d vote Hitler over Obama!
I’d vote Judas over Obama!
I’d vote Charles Manson over Obama!
I’d vote Jack the Ripper over Obama!

          Now in all seriousness I am not pushing anyone to vote for Obama, but stop with the stupidity. Do you really think you are going to garner any votes from the growing thinking class of America by saying that “hey, this guy isn’t that guy so vote for him?” Absolutely not! Listen to yourself when you make that statement, now say it again, and again….Did it sound any smarter the third time you said it? Nope! So stop saying it! 


This has been your Politically Unstable friend,
Matthew Hullinger



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