The Role of the Constitution and the Private Sector

Welcome Politically Unstable Friends!

Today we are going to talk a bit about the US Constitution and while I would hope that each American be well versed in Constitutional law I realize that there are still some that have never read our Constitution. If you are one of those people I encourage you to visit this website before continuing on to the rest of this Blog entry.

US Constitution

The Constitution of the United States of America along with the Bill of Rights is one of the most perfect man-made articles in the history of mankind. Not only did we tell the government what they could do, but with the addition of the Bill of Rights we made sure to let the government know what they cannot do. Our founders saw it necessary to restrain the government because they saw throughout history that governments often work their way from Freedom to Tyranny and wanted to make sure that our nation would not fall into the same sort of trap. Unfortunately our founders never could have foreseen what our leaders would do and that is change the role of the constitution in the minds of man.

The role of the constitution can be explained with the first few words of the Preamble,

    “We the People…”

AS our founding fathers set out to define what the United States Republic would be they wanted to make sure and let the world know that our nation would be of the people and in doing so they made sure to start out our most important document with the words “we the people.” The Constitution of the United States of America was not written to restrain the people in any way but to keep the government from restraining the people. Unfortunately that role has over time been contorted and perverted by the government so that the people actually believe it was written with the reverse intention in mind.

I recently had a conversation with a man who was boisterous and vulgar, politely I asked him to watch his language and he proceeded to inform me that I was not allowed to tell him how to speak because I would be infringing upon his first amendment rights. He then went on to inform me that the constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to keep people like me from censoring his speech. He couldn’t have been more wrong. The Constitution was written to keep the government from infringing upon our rights and one of the main rights of man is a right to his private property. A man is truly meant to be the king of his own domain and while in the public zone a man can speak and do as he pleases when that man moves into the private sector he is under a different set of rules.

The private sector was never meant to be controlled or ruled over by the constitution. Man was in complete control of the private sector and so was able to make sure that his rights were secure by his freedom of choice. Don’t like the rules in one establishment? Leave! Don’t like how the boss treats you at your job? Quit! Don’t enjoy the way the man is talking in you private establishment? Kick them out! There was once a time when man truly did control his way of life yet our lives have become so steeped in government that we forget how to live without it. In fact today if you have a problem with a private establishment you sue them instead of simply shopping elsewhere. Does that make a lot of sense to you?

Of course this opens up a can of worms that many are not willing to even touch upon. Should a man be able to kick you out of their shop simply because they do not like the way you look, how you act, or who you pray to? They sure can but those who choose to do this would be very few and far between in reality. Whenever someone mentions private establishment rights you inevitably hit the wall known as “The Civil Rights Movement.” What people tend to forget is that what caused the racial tensions within the South were not a normal occurrence but was an exception to free market economics. The South had hundreds of years for the hatred to build and for tensions to reach their breaking point. If the free market was given back to the people segregation may exist on a small-scale but the larger picture would be segregation free because segregation equals less money!

Until man realizes that our constitution was written for the people and not to control the people we will never see a turn around in our society. Our founders were not attempting to control us, they were attempting to remove control and return freedom to the people. Unfortunately we have lost our way completely and who do we turn to set us back on the right path? Government…

This has been your politically unstable friend,
Matthew Hullinger


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