A Somber Celebration or The Patriotism of Pacifism.

Welcome to my politically unstable friends!

and of course

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I see many posts today that question whether a true lover of Liberty should celebrate Memorial Day or, if due to the governments insistence on perpetual war, we should boycott the celebration altogether. I am here to say that we can celebrate while still holding the governments feet to the fire.

A soldier is a hero, regardless of how much action he has seen or not. Men and women who volunteer or are drafted and serve in our nations military are truly a treasure of society. We should hold out soldiers, both past and present in high regard and with the utmost respect thank them for all they do. Soldiers do not fight to continue wars but to end them. Soldiers fight in order to bring about the peace that we need to thrive as a society. It is the government and the media that love and wish to continue the current era of perpetual war.

Recently, I have heard many people equate speaking out against our current wars as being a direct slap in the face to the soldiers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Also, the notion that in order to be a Patriot a man must not fall into the role of pacifist has been making its rounds on the net. Patriotism is in reality a mans love for his country and a man can be a pacifist while also having a great patriotic spirit. Pacifism is not an ideology of never fighting but only fighting for the right reasons.

As a minister I am called to Pacifism but at the same time I am also called to protect and guide my flock. I would never actively go out and look for a fight but if evil were to come against me or my flock I would defend them to my last breath. Our nation should adopt this policy as well, yet it seems we are far more entertained by creating wars than in simply defending our nation. Truly sad though is the fact that somehow our nation has been able to effectively make the people believe that when we bomb a town in Libya, or take down a military base in Uzbekistan we are in some way preserving our freedoms.

The United States Spends more on the Military and Defense than any other nation in the world. We spend nearly 7 times more on the military per year than the 2nd place holder, China. Big Scary Iran spends roughly around 1% of what we do in a year. Think about that, we are being told to fear a nation that spends around 1% of what we do on the Military each year. Do they seem as scary? Does it seem rather silly to actively go to war with a nation that far down the food chain?

Let’s put this in perspective. Lets call the United States a Great White Shark, to really get an idea of what the rest of the world is to us when it comes to military power and Iran in particular, picture a guppy. Does the guppy have any chance at killing the Great White? Absolutely not! If the guppy were to attack the great white it would quickly be eaten.

Of course some of you out there are saying, but what if that guppy got a nuke? Well assuming an animal with a memory of under a few seconds could build a nuke the Great white, along with all the other sharks in the ocean have nukes as well and weaponry specifically built to eliminate guppy nukes. The guppy also would instinctively know that if it were to use its nuke the rest of the world would go on a guppy killing spree.

Hopefully in my silly example you have been able to see the information within and the error of it. Sure some people will say that these people are crazy and have no care of life or limb but history tells a different story. The leaders of these countries want what any leader does in the world and that is power and to effectively live forever. Those leaders realize that if they ever were to go to war with the US then their nation and power grip would crumble. Mutual Assured Destruction is still very much a reality in this world.

Propaganda will continue, and our nation will more than likely continue this era of perpetual war for many years to come. Our Government is not what we memorialize on this day. Today we memorialize the lives of men and women who have died with freedom in their hearts and a belief in liberty on their minds. The men and women in our nations armed forces are heroes but not because of the wars they fought, the lives they saves, the actions they took, but 100% due to the risk they endure. God Bless our troops and God bring them home safe!

This has been your politically unstable friend,
Matthew P Hullinger



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