Why I Could Never Succeed in Politics….

Welcome My Politically Unstable Friends!

Today I would like to inform you the reader as to why I could never succeed in Politics. Yes I know many of you were hoping that I might be Mitt Romney’s VP pick but there is little chance of that. I mean I doubt Mitt has even heard of me to start with but beside that point I have far too much integrity…

In fact as Olympic Wrestler turned Professional superstar Kurt Angle is famous for saying the three I’s, “Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence” would all keep me out of the spotlight. Washington seems nearly void of these character aspects, sure a few pop up here and there but generally they are all drug through the mud and considered kooks…

“I” number one Intensity: Readers who know me have come to see that I generally have a bit of trouble shutting my mouth. When I see stupidity flowing I tend to be the one that just has to stick a cork in it and shut it up. Facts to me are just that, Facts! I would never attempt to bring misleading or falsified information to the public. That fact by itself should disqualify me almost entirely from the political square.

“I” Number two, Integrity:

Irving Kristol(Columnist and one of the founders of modern-day neoconservative Thought) is quoted as saying:

“There are different kinds of truths for different kinds of people. There are truths appropriate for children; truths that are appropriate for students; truths that are appropriate for educated adults; and truths that are appropriate for highly educated adults, and the notion that there should be one set of truths available to everyone is a modern democratic fallacy. It doesn’t work.”

My integrity keeps me from promoting this lie. There is the truth and then there is a lie. Recently you have heard top Republican candidates speaking out against the notion that a higher education is something to seek out, calling it snobbery. Well if you fall in line with Kristol’s thinking then of course you wouldn’t want a populace of highly educated adults because they would be privy to the whole truth. Can’t have that so let’s make higher education seem like a waste of time and encourage people to continue working their 6am-6pm slave wage jobs.

Integrity to me means something. I am told in the Bible that a lie is a lie no matter how big or how small. Many people promote the idea that some information is too important for the regular person to handle and so it must be kept secret with a web of tightly held lies. In my book that is rubbish! The truth of the matter is that if government shared with us the whole truth we wouldn’t be involved in countless campaigns across the globe. If they were to come out and say in reality that our wars in the Middle East have as much to do with oil as they do peace there would be a much stronger campaign against those wars. Integrity is something that is lacking almost entirely from the political sphere and perhaps it is because the third “I” is nearly non-existent in Washington.

“I” number three, Intelligence: It has often been said that if you find yourself in Washington, DC and you want to find an intelligent person to talk to, leave the city. While there are definitely intelligent people in Washington, there seems to be a thought vacuum that sucks all intelligent thought out of the minds of our leaders the second they enter the halls of Congress. If you haven’t spent hours during the last few months scratching your head trying to figure out what is going on in Washington then you haven’t been paying attention. Washington is as juvenile as a high school dance, no one wants to come together and those that do come together are looked on with scorn by the rest.

I am far too intelligent for the kinds of games that they play in Washington. That might come off as rude, but I’m not claiming some extra ordinary form of intelligence, I’m a normal thinking man and yet I still find my brain power to be well ahead of most of the brain-dead slugs we send to DC. I’m far too intelligent to name call a man today and then kiss his butt tomorrow. I’m far too intelligent to endorse a man who in no way supports my principles. I’m far to intelligent to believe that the informed voter won’t see my pandering and vote me out the next election. Unfortunately the things that I am far too intelligent for are things that the average toddler should be able to grasp but our leaders cannot.

As you can see my resume is not exactly Washington material, and thank God for that! I’m much happier keeping my principles and working from the outside forcing our leaders feet to the fire and getting results that way. Our nation is at a turning point and perhaps we can right the ship, but only if our leaders begin to start showing some Intensity to get things don, some Integrity to keep us on the right path, and some Intelligence to keep us from stumbling!

This have been your Politically Unstable Friend,

Matthew P Hullinger


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