A Romney For Christmas, or How to Lose An Election Before It Even Starts!

A Romney for Christmas

In the small lovely town of DC,
there lived a family.
Obama was there name,
they rules so liberally.

Free Healthcare and Abortions,
was their battle cry.
Armed with his teleprompter,
he made the feminazi’s cry.

The day was so approaching,
the time was almost near.
The GOP would soon be coming,
Election time was here.

The Democrats did pander,
to minorities they did implore,
The GOP doesn’t love you,
look at how they war!

The Republicans held a Primary,
many choices they did see.
Pawlenty, Cain, Bachmann
Huntsman, Paul, Romney.

Each one had their platform,
and each one had a vice.
The Republicans they did worry,
no candidate would suffice.

Cain fell, Backman dropped,
Pawlenty was never there.
The Republicans were failing,
and no one seemed to care.

Finally they found him,
the perfectly shaped Key.
The GOP would nominate him,
They would back Romney.

And so election time came closer,
The Democrats did laugh.
No greater Christmas Present,
Than a RINO in their path.

Sure November isn’t Christmas,
But who is here to tell,
Though all the world was crying
America had fell….

Perhaps next time we’ll get it,
next time we’ll pick the one.
This time we’ve picked a loser,
but at least we had some fun….

Your Politically unstable friend,

Matthew P Hullinger


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