Liberty is Fragile

Welcome my Politically Unstable friends!

Prior to reading the following blog I would like to ask that you watch or in reality listen to this short 5 minute video by Tom Woods.

Did you watch it? Good you may now continue….. lol

Let’s ask a question, What is an endorsement?  Seems like a bit of a silly question but I ask this today because many people are walking around claiming that an endorsement is not what it really is. You will hear people claim that an endorsement is nothing more than a friendly political handshake and that no principles have to be wavered upon but that is completely untrue, laughable even.

Say you ask me what detergent you should buy to wash your clothes and I say oh buy detergent x, you can toss all your clothes together and detergent x will get them all clean without any color loss or damage. With this statement I endorse detergent x as the detergent to use.  You value my opinion and so you go and buy detergent x.

A few days later you confront me because detergent x has destroyed your clothing.  I tell you that I can’t be held responsible for anything detergent x did because all I said was that it was the best detergent to use.  Are you still going to be mad at me? Of course because my endorsement was my seal of approval and when detergent x fell short your opinion of me fell sharply.

Politicians endorse one another with the care of a stampeding buffalo and never really give a thought to the fact that they are putting their honor on the line. It’s time we tell all politicians to think first and act second. I am so tired of seeing a politician who stands for the exact opposite of his opponent come out and endorse that opponent after the primary is over. By doing that he not only shows that he was never a good choice as a candidate but that he has no true principles whatsoever.

This of course brings us to the main course of this blog, Rand Paul.

Since 2008 I have followed the Paul’s very closely. I was ecstatic when Rand won his seat and felt that we had another strong voice for liberty in congress.  Since then it would seem that I was right. Time after time Rand came out as a champion for liberty yet there were also times that Rand fell into the open arms of the establishment. In those times we simply brushed it off as Rand being you and new to politics, so of course he would make a few small mistakes along the way.  Unfortunately Rand forgot one thing on his rise to the top, Liberty is Fragile!

Liberty is fragile in the sense that any attack sent against it should be dealt with severely. You cannot compromise our freedoms for political gain and unlike what many are attempting to say, you cannot champion liberty through questionable means.  The idea that we can restore our freedom though corrupt actions sickens me. Once we delve into the corrupt we will ultimately end our fight for liberty as corruption breeds corruption. I do not want to win a single battle for liberty by taking it through the back door.  Rand should have known this.

When Rand came out and endorsed Romney he not only betrayed the movement but at the same time he betrayed liberty itself. His endorsement of Romney places a firm seal of approval on anything that Romney does from here until the election and, if hell freezes over, throughout a Romney presidency.  When Romney takes us down the same paths that Obama has no one will look to Rand as a champion for Freedom because his seal of approval will be right there on Romney’s left butt cheek. He has sullied his name, sullied the movement, and at the same time sullied his father’s legacy.

As I said before, liberty is fragile and as such we cannot accept anything that moves against it.  The movement has long been against the establishment and with his endorsement Rand joined that establishment.  While it is unfortunate, the movement must now take up and fight against Rand with as much fury as we have fought against anyone who drags liberty through the mud.   It is unfortunate but the movement cannot stand while questioning the loyalty of its members.

This has been your politically unstable friend,
Matthew P Hullinger


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