I totally agree with Palin here.

A Time For Choosing

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin weighed in last night on the GOP’s attempt to take local control away from the people, by allowing presidential nominees to chose their own delegates. This has a chilling effect. It will make it impossible to hear different voices and opinions at the convention. It will mean only one point of view, the nominee’s, will be heard when drafting a party platform.

From Sarah:

Had a great time today in Gilbert, Arizona, at a rally for Kirk Adams. It’s very important to pay attention to these down ballot races like Kirk Adams, Jeff Flake, and Paul Gosar in Arizona. We have to remember that this election is not just about replacing the party in power. It’s about who and what we replace it with. Grassroots conservatives know this. Without the energy and wisdom of the grassroots, the GOP would not have had the…

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