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By Gary P Jackson Sarah Palin weighed in last night on the GOP’s attempt to take local control away from the people, by allowing presidential nominees to chose their own delegates. This has a chilling effect. It will make it impossible to hear different voices and opinions at…

Welcome my Politically Unstable friends! Prior to reading the following blog I would like to ask that you watch or in reality listen to this short 5 minute video by Tom Woods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pDTYbHjxRx0 Did you watch it? Good you may now continue….. lol Let’s ask a question, What is an endorsement?  Seems like a bit […]

Welcome my politically unstable and probably less pissed off friends, Its time once again to play Bureaucracy, otherwise known as Monopoly’s unpopular brother.  The key to understanding how to play the game is to realize that no one is going to win and everybody loses. The real skill when playing Bureaucracy is to create a rule […]

Welcome my Politically Unstable Friends, As some of you may know, I have a pretty thick skin. Even so there are times when something breaks its way through and hits the soft fleshy goodness underneath.  More often than not I am able to shove things aside and move on but there comes a time when […]

A Romney for Christmas In the small lovely town of DC, there lived a family. Obama was there name, they rules so liberally. Free Healthcare and Abortions, was their battle cry. Armed with his teleprompter, he made the feminazi’s cry. The day was so approaching, the time was almost near. The GOP would soon be […]

Welcome My Politically Unstable Friends! Today I would like to inform you the reader as to why I could never succeed in Politics. Yes I know many of you were hoping that I might be Mitt Romney’s VP pick but there is little chance of that. I mean I doubt Mitt has even heard of […]

Welcome to my politically unstable friends! and of course Happy Memorial Day!!! I see many posts today that question whether a true lover of Liberty should celebrate Memorial Day or, if due to the governments insistence on perpetual war, we should boycott the celebration altogether. I am here to say that we can celebrate while […]